Why Do Happily Married Husbands Cheat – Top 10 Reasons 


Why Do Happily Married Husbands Cheat?

No one should ever have to deal with infidelity. However. once it happens, you just need to find some answers, in a desperate try to comfort your aching heart. To break this issue down, trying to understand a mind of unfaithful work. let’s break it down to the top 10 reasons why do happily married husbands cheat


The Top 10 Reasons Why Do Happily Married Husbands Cheat

1) Insecurities

This is the most common reason between all other reasons why do happily married husbands cheat. Men who tend to be unfaithful will probably have some deep psychological issues or sick gratification. Sometimes your husband may feel unworthy of you. He might just need a validation that he is still attractive or desired by other women. In this case, these insecurities can unintentionally lead him to be addicted to cheating.


2) Boredom

This might may hurt i now, ut a lot of men actually cheat on their spouses out of bordem. Anyone should know that dull life full of the same routines over and over is a killer to any relationship. So, he might be go out looking for some sparks to feel alive again. If this was the case for you, you probably should know that he wiil regret it once he try it.


3) Left Out

Strong independent women are now dominating the world. Most women now don’t actually need a man to provide for them or care after them. Women nowadays seem to have their own indepent lives even if they were in a relationship. Unortunately, some men need more than that. They still want to be needed, even just in the emotional side of the needs. He is just looking for some one to give the love to.

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4) He’s Done With You

Maybe you have been striving for your relationship to work for too long now, that it’s time to let go. You two might been trying to work things out to save your marriage, but a cheating man obviously means that’s the end of the road for him with you.


5) Unfaithful Friends Of His

Friends habits are contagious, whether good or bad. Your husbands might have some bad friend who are having an affair or more, and they keep telling your partner stories about how the experience made them feel like they own the world. Men’s nature loves a challenge. Especially when it comes to women, he might just wanted to show off in front of the bad friends of his about how a women’s man he still is.


6) Forgotten Love

If it’s his ex that he is after, then you’re doomed.


7) Fetish

Many husbands just dream about getting back to the time they were single being able to go from one lady’s bed to another.


8) Seizing An Opportunity

No matter how sickening this idea is, but it is true. Most men are weak in front of hard temptation, let alone if the one who is after him is pretty and attractive or maybe younger than him. These are some major weakneses in most men formulas.


9) Depression

In this case you’d better to speak with a counselor or  psychiatrist to make sure he gets the right help he needs. Not mentioning for you to be sure, he’s not actually faking being depressed, just to get away with it.

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10) Middle age crisis

If he is going through a midlife crisis,your husband will probably do a whole bunch of crazy choices, and an affair might be one of them.


It’s NOT about you


  • Please stop comparing yourself with the other woman. And never belittle how amazing and pretty you are. Your husband did not cheat on you because he wanted a more beautiful woman.
  • Know that, interestingly in a study called Neuman’s study Only 12% of cheating men were more attracted to their mistress than to their wife. So your beauty levels has nothing to do with it.


Finally, there is absolutely no good reason why happily married husbands cheat, but the ugly truth it happens, so face it and try to see the early signs to protect your marriage.

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