What Do Couples Fight About? 6 Common Arguments


What Do Couples Fight About? 6 Common Arguments

We all want our relationships to be the sunshine of our lives. Unfortunately, life can’t be that easy and we need to face the ugly truth that couples fight. Yet, having a fight with our loved ones isn’t only saddening, it can also leave some deep and lasting mental scars affecting the relationship in the long run.
The good news is that you are not the only one having arguments with their partner. Most couples have to experience some fights and disagreements at many points in their relationship. And guess what, they are probably fighting about the same stuff you and your partner thought you were the only couple to fight about.

So let us tell you about What Do Couples Fight about most often?

1. Money

This dispute about money is one of the most common sources of tension in any relationship. One partner tends to spend recklessly without thinking about the future, while the other wants to economize. We should not forget that there are significant differences between the two partners when dealing with money, due to the different ways they were raised.  Financial differences can seriously damage your marriage or relationship. So instead of fighting about your differences in dealing with money, just turn your arguments into a business discussion. What do I need, what do you need? How can we both have the most of our needs together fair and square to the without harming each other? Do the math, set a budget, resolve your money differences.”

2. Intimate Relationship

Two individuals in a relationship quite often have diverse assumptions about sex, regardless of whether it’s about how often to have it, when to have it or what particularly to do while having it. Some portion of the issue is that media, movies and celebrities public lives around us are very overstated. This will make new couples, especially of the younger age, to form a wrong preview of how the real thing should be. Only loving and caring couples can overcome their sex issues. As they will be more comfortable to discuss and resolve their concerns with each other.

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3. Time Together

We don’t spend enough time together as we used to do! Have you heard or said that while arguing with your partner before?. We sure want to feel close and reach the ones we love most of the time. But just take a second, and think about your partner’s point of view. Healthy relationships aren’t always about being physically stuck together. furthermore, life is so much complicated than that. As people have so much to do in their typical day other than lying in bed or hanging out. Just sit together and talk about your concerns and LISTEN to each other, trying to reach the perfect balance that keeps both of you happy whether together or away of each other.


4. Habits

Are you a married or a living-together couple? Well, you probably are fighting often about the annoying habits of your spouse. The problem is that most of us are going through relationships expecting our partner to change completely. Some people can change but some other just seem unable to quit some of their annoying quirks for good. So the only thing you can actually do trying to change your partner habit, that gets on your nerve, is to be nice and try to mention such habits in a way that isn’t hurtful to your partner. Just keep in mind that if you have tried so many times to change your partner’s habits in vain and you still love them enough to discard those quirks for the sake of love, just move on them and keep enjoying the love.

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5. Children


Oh kids, how to raise them, how to care for them, their financial needs and the enormous amount of time they’re taking away from our relationship as a couple. And don’t you forget about the sleep deprivation a newborn can cause. All of this not mentioning our daily life stresses can drive us to our breaking point. Fighting about kids problems or issues originating from having a kid, may be very destructive indeed. The best thing to do if you are planning to have babies is to speak with experts or even better, with a fellow parent. As they are the only one who has been through kids related problems and they might give you a brief on how to schedule your time, split chores, plan finance and stay realistic about what to expect from your relationship in the first few months after the baby arrives.


6. Stress

As life can be so stressful to all of us at some times, this might take a toll on our relationship no matter how deeply and truly we love our partners. Whenever you feel like you’re getting to a breaking point, just remember that a warm hug between you and your partner can be the only relief you need.

Just know that, relationship is meant to make you stronger and that only love can conquer all of your fears and stresses.


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