Tips For Married Couples – 4 Essential Pieces of Advice


Tips For Married Couples – 4 Essential Pieces of Advice

The following are dating tips for couples who are already married and it does not matter how long you have tied the knot, you need to know these tips.  For those who believe in happy ever after, you better wake up to the harsh reality of life.  Well for Prince William and Katherine, they may have a chance of that as they are part of the royal family but for most commoners, keeping the love alive in marriage takes work and effort.

During the period of the courtship stage everything seemed blissful but after the honeymoon stage, you start to see some things that you thought were not there that simply irritates you.  But as humans are not perfect so are marriages.  To keep the marriage strong, couples should not forget to take some time off the daily grind of life and have dates like when they were just single people.  Here are dating tips to guide your marriage to keep it fun and nurturing to each other’s lives.


1- Schedule a Once a Week Date

Remember when you were still dating and you always find time to see each other?  Well, you better apply that to your marriage.  Set a day of the week that is your date day.  Make that day non-negotiable.  Do not set any other events for that day as much as you can.  Respect that day just for the two of you.  Having a scheduled day of the week for a date gives you something to look forward to each week as a time for each other.

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2- Plan Something Different Every Week

On your date day, don’t just stick with dinner and movies.  Well, you can try different restaurants every date night but have variations on your date.  You can have a picnic at a nearby park (make sure it’s safe at night), night stroll at the beach, visit a museum, play at the carnival, have fun at the theme park, etc.  Try out different activities on your date night as much as you can.  This way you keep the fun and adventure alive in your marriage.


3- Surprise Each Other

You can alternate as to who will plan for the date.  Use your creative juices once in a while to surprise your spouse on your date nights.  If you are press for what to do on that night, check your local theater for shows that you both might like or you can go biking at the park.  Think of what you both enjoy doing and you will be sure to enjoy your date nights and your marriage as well.


4- Take Time to Have Long Conversations

Have time for long conversations during your date nights.  Don’t forget to talk to each other.  Please do not talk about the kids, household chores or work, you usually talk about that every day.  Talk about each other’s dreams, how each other are doing, what one liked and disliked that the other did for the week, each other’s plans and etc.  Both of you are growing each day, so continue to know your spouse.  With that, you know that both of you are going in the same direction in your marriage.

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The key to marriage is taking some effort to build the relationship.  With these dating tips, it is a hope that these will guide your marriage to be strong not just for a few years but for the rest of your lives.

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