Positive Outcomes Of Divorce, REALLY!? Here Are The Top 5


Positive Outcomes Of Divorce, REALLY!? Here Are The Top 5

For many of us, the word “divorce” always come up with a million negative thoughts and feelings. We sigh: “how about your children? we thought you were happily married? There go the family holidays.” No one will ever love to get involved in such statistics, however, a large number of us has been or will be. Thus, how can we get over the emotional, social and financial difficulties of such a life-changing event?. The first step to becoming stronger from such experience is by realizing the positive outcomes of divorce!!


When May A Divorce Be The Solution?

It may sound absurd to begin talking about the positive effects of divorce. needless to say, divorce is a horrible process that absolutely no one would wish to experience themselves. However, if the marriage was causing such conflict for you or\and your children, creating a toxic environment and exposing you or\and them to any physical and or verbal abusing behaviors, divorce can then be the right call.

The divorce decision is a difficult one. Divorce can have a lot of  emotional stress.  What actually makes things look even worse than they are, is that any positive outcomes of divorce will often be overshadowed as inappropriate or unhealthy. However, psychological and behavioral therapy gives us a more brighter point of view – that balances between negative as well as positive outcomes, which can in turn improve our mental and emotional state after divorce.


Top 5 Positive Outcomes Of Divorce

If you are considering divorce or recently divorced, here is a glimpse of the bright side of your decision:

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1: Positive outcomes of divorce for your children

By taking the decision to end any unhealthy relationship, you’ll actually be teaching your children such an important lesson about life, which is: nothing in this life is distant to last forever. Despite how can that change be difficult to accept, it is still an elemental part of the world.  By being a positive role model for adaptation to the different circumstances, you’ll be teaching your kids how to cope even in the toughest situations. A divorce process can help children to start learning about the complexity of human relationships.

No question about it, it’s totally unhealthy for children to watch their parents arguing  and showing lack of respect and decency to each other frequently.  Children who witness any type of domestic violence are more like to engage in domestic violence themselves when they grow up.

If both parents are willing to do what’s better for their children’s overall well-being, they might trymore than once finding a way to stay together and overcome their mutual problems. Their last step of getting along is pretending that everything is alright just for the sake of their children. However, all of these efforts to stick together can form even a heavier burden on an already fragile marriage relationship. So, after separation the children will no longer be exposed to the conflicts in their everyday living environment, that’s why they will benefit significantly.  Of course, children will miss living with both parents under the same roof, but eventually, they will become much happier and grow up in a healthier environment as they are not dealing with frequent adult problems.

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2: You’ll be physically healthier

A recent research showed that telomeres, which small region at the end of the chromosome strings which acts to protect your DNA particles. These telomeres gets shorten and can die off as you grow older or when you go under mental and emotional stress. This is what generally cause premature aging, cancerous tumors and increase the death rates. Be that as it may, you can reverse the aging process  and re-establish those indispensable cells through improving the quality of life through having more healthier relationships away from all the tension and stress.


3: You’ll get to learn more about yourself

“Why me?” is a common question that comes up to most people’s mind, when going through difficult situations such as a divorce. Self-reflection is a crucial point towards understanding reasons of a problem in order to avoid going through any negative experience one again.  Group therapy, professional counseling and a heart-to-heart talk with a trusted friend are all different ways you can choose to reconnect with your inner self.  Learning more about yourself will help you come over many hidden psychological issues as well as helping you move on in a healthy graceful way.


 4: You’ll now be able to control your mood swings

Managing mood fluctuations can be extremely difficult for someone going through any challenging situation as in divorce.  When you are in the middle of  any hard time in a relationship, it’s particularly exhausting to control your mood, as the way you feel depends on someone else’s behavior. But after a divorce, your mood it will be yours and yours only to control.

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5: You’ll be more self confident

Separation can be convoluted, muddled, and emotionally draining. When you come over such life transitioning stage, you will be like a survivor with more self confidence. You’ll be more certain that you settled on a choice to a better life. This self esteem, sense of empowerment and profound self-learning that you are in, will ultimately drive a new joy, fulfillment to your life.


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