How To Prepare For A Long Distance Relationship -Best 13 Tips


How To Prepare For A Long Distance Relationship -Best 13 Tips

Many people think that long distance relationships are set to failure. Your family and friends may even discourage you to set high hopes for it. No one says it will be that easy, nothin in life is. The additional distance makes many things harder. Things could get entangled, and you’ll probably experience some negative feelings of loneliness and sadness at some times. Many things will e missed, eating together on the same table, holding each other’s hands, cuddling, walking or doing things together, these tiny little things can leave a large hole of emptiness in your heart, once you two are away of each other.

Despite How Tough Long distance relationships may be,  they have a special taste of their own that can even be the sweetest surprise after all. You just need to work a little harder in order to keep the love alive. So, here are some good Tips On How To Prepare For A Long Distance Relationship…

13 Tips On How To Prepare For A Long Distance Relationship

 1- See The Opportunity In It

Life in general is a journey to know and experience new things and feelings. See the distance as a test for the love between the two of you.

  • “If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” – Anonymous
  • “I would rather be here, far from you, but feeling really close, rather than close to you but feeling really far away.” – Emma, Glee Season 4


2. Avoid Too Much Communication.

It is not the right thing to be such a possessive or a sticky partner. You don’t have to communicate 12 hours a day to keep the love going between you two. Many couples think wrong about compensating for the distance by calling or texting way too much to their partners. This is not right at all . It can even make things go worse. Know that: Less is always more. It is ion you two are having together, not how long it goes.

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  1. Set Some Ground Rules

You two need to be crystal clear about what to expect from each other during the long distance relationship. For example, are you two seeing each other exclusively? Can you go out on dates with other people? Would you like to see come out of this relationship in the future both far and near?. It’s better to open up and be honest with each other rather feel shocked later.


  1. Communicate regularly, and creatively.

Even a regular text of  “good morning” and “good night” every day —is a good boost for your long distance relationship.


  1. Keep the spark in your intimate relationship going.

Intimacy is the glue that keeps a loving couple from drifting apart. It is not only a biological need, it is an emotional need as well.


  1. Do things together.

Even if it’s just playing an online game together, watch a  movie or a tv show at the same time.


  1. Visit each other

Visits are the spark that keeps every long-distance relationship alive.

Only a hug between the arms of the one you love can heal whatever you have suffered when they were away.


  1. Learn to enjoy your alone time

Yes, you may be alone now but you are not lonely unless you choose to be. Your world shouldn’t be revolving around your partner no matter how much you love them. Get a new hobby, get a job if you don’t, join some yoga classes. There are so many things that you can do to spend a quality time of your own.

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  1. Stay honest

Speak out feelings of fear, insecurity, jealousy.

Be honest with each other and let your partner gives you the support you need.


  1. Know each other’s schedules.

It’s best to know when you two are busy or when you are free so that you can always text or call at the best times. You wouldn’t want your partner’s phone ringing in the middle of class or meeting.


  1. Gifts

A small pendant, a ring, a keychain, or a bottle of fragrance. Humans tend to interpret little gifts into meaningful, positive and loving feelings. people store memories in physical objects. This is why something so simple as a gift can mean so much to a person.


  1. Traditional Mailing

Postcards or a handwritten love letter will be a great surprise to each other.


  1. Stay positive.

Positive energy is the key to keeping the long distance relationship to keep it alive. Surely being apart can be painful and you can sometimes feel sad or lonely but you have to be thankful that you have a special someone to love. And look for how a strongly committed couple you both will get eventually.



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