How To Have The Best Marriage – Top 25 Tips


How To Have The Best Marriage – Top 25 Tips

Every couple should remember these!

As they might be the 50 best compilation of marriage tips, you may ever come to on the internet.

This should be a mandatory reading for every future married couple to be or even already married ones.



How To Have The Best Marriage

1. Be accountable for the rule you’re playing in your relationship whether it’s good or bad.

When you take responsibility for your part in a relationship even before you two get married, you will you be able to communicate better with your partner in an intimate, loving and respectful way.


2. More touching means stronger bonds.

Hold each other’s hands, hug, kiss, cuddle with each other more often. Touching a loved ones release oxytocin which is commonly known as the love hormone.

3. Accept your differences.

Always agreeing with your partner doesn’t mean that you love him more. You are both two independent individuals who came from two different backgrounds so you don’t have to be identical. True love is all about preserving and upraising your lover’s personality features and love them as is.

4. The sentimental value of the gift means more than how much it costs

A thoughtful note every now and then that just says “I love you’, could worth more than a diamond ring to the heart of the one who loves you truly.


5. For men, LISTEN to your lady. For Ladies, Give your man his personal space.

For men. Just a simple act of careful listening itself is an exceptional gift.

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For ladies, it’s essential for you to understand that men need some alone time every now and then. If you give your man his, you allow him to recall his desire and commitment to your relationship.


6. Trying to change your partner is not always as good as you may think it is.

When you are constantly not satisfied with your spouse and trying to change them, you’ll probably end up sending the negative message that “you are is not enough for me, I still need more”.


7. Keep the boredom away from your bedroom

A healthy stable intimate life is good and all, but spicing it up with some twists that are acceptable to both of you will keep you both into it.


8. When you’re fighting, drop the shaming, blaming, needing to be right, and just try to listen to them.

Open conversation during any argument is the key to better communication. not everyone is a mind reader, so please try to speak it out.


9. Fair and square.

 Are you both dividing all of your financial, parental and emotional responsibilities in such a fair way?

10. Your partner comes first

Careers, children, and personal pursuits should all come in the second place with your spouse. Even children will have better lives if they grow up with loving parents.

11. Always Express your feeling in “I Sentences” NOT “You” ones

you did this or you mean that, is not the right way to communicate. Healthy long-term relationships are built on expressing the way you are feeling not to judge your partner’s feelings.

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12. Appreciation.

Don’t belittle o any kind gestures your partner trying to make.

13. Blames and shames will not resolve your problems.

In the moment you begin criticizing your spouse, try to remember that there is to appreciate about them.


14. Regular date nights

Aa romantic evening on a weekly or even monthly basis can rekindle the magic of any long-term relationship. It doesn’t have to be fancy, even a simple walk to remember why you two are together in the first place.


15. Take care of yourself.

So You can take care of others including your partner of course.

16. Spend quality time together and keep the fun going.

With everyone having busy schedules nowadays, we usually find couples putting their marriage at the bottom of the priority list. If you want your marriage to actually work, you need to exert an effort to spend some quality time alone with your spouse, doing any kind of activities you two enjoy.

17. Frequently use some of the following statements:

“I love you”, “I understand”, “I’m sorry”, “Thank you”, , “I’m here for you” I really appreciate all that you do”, “It’s so nice to see you”, “That was quite an accomplishment!” 

18. Compliments.

A compliment is a sign of affection and appreciation. USe compliments especially on your partner’s blue days.


19. Be clear about what you want out of your relationship together.

Speak openly with each other about how you want your future as a couple to look.

20. Mutual Respect.

Respect each other, avoid verbal abuse, and keep insults to yourself. Bad words are just like squeezing toothpaste out of its tube — once it is out you can never get it back in again. — Georgia Panayi, MBA

21. Support each other in being the best you can possibly be.

Understanding the needs of your partner in fulfilling a career, education, or just being in alone out there in the lives of their friends and family, is an important piece of advice On  How To Have The Best Marriage.

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22. A few mood swings are okay.

You are in a relationship with a human being, not a robot. So normal people have their up and down times, just let it be.


23. A happy marriage is a successful trust partnership.

If you can’t do trust each other in all the decisions of your life even the financial ones, the two of you have a problem.


24. A woman needs a partner that looks into her eyes.

When she gets this direct eye contact, she is instantly in touch with her feelings of love for her husband.


25. Remember that the first 5 years are always the toughest.

Recent studies say that even the unhappiest couples reported being very happy five years from the beginning of their relationship. So don’t let one small incident or argument to destroy your lifetime of happiness.


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