What Are The Gender Communication Differences And Strategies?


What Are The Gender Communication Differences And Strategies?


What can a manager do in order to create more equality for men and women?

The first step to equality is understanding The Gender Communication Differences And Strategies genders bring to the workplace. most times men and women use different approaches in their leadership or in the decision making process. Today we’ll guide you through some of the key differences between men and women in their workplace..


Top 5 Gender Communication Differences

  1. Attitude towards tasks vs. relationships. 

  • Women tend to build relationships and bond with their coworkers before they get into the task. They do that to be comfortable and be able to assign the right person for the right job.
  • Men are more task-oriented and just do the task right ahead. They build relationships with coworkers while performing the task or project.


  1.  Information Processing Differences. 

  • Whenever a woman needs to make a decision she will process the available information, then she probably will discuss or even just speaks the options out loud, before deciding. Women think that the men are unresponsive to suggestions.
  • Men use internal processing for information, and only speaks up when they got their decision ready. Some men think that a woman’s way of thinking out loud is a sign of weakness.. Some men say that women can’t really decide on what they want so they are waiting for approvals by thinking about their options out loud.


  1. Leadership Differences.

  • Women are relationship oriented, so they tend to lead by consensus.
  • Men are hierarchical and only involve those who are at the same level in their decision-making process and only when they see it necessary.
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  1. Nonverbal behavior Communication Differences.

  • A woman nodding her head means that she is listening.
  • A man would leave the conversation thinking that a head nod from a woman meant agreeing, to find out later that the same nodding woman  didn’t agree at all.


  • When a woman is speaking to a man is using in a neutral body language to show that he is paying attention to what she’s saying, a woman will probably see that as he is being bored, not listening carefully or not understanding what she is saying. That’s why a woman would repeat or ask the man if he is getting what she’s saying. A man will see her act of asking or repeating as a need for approval from him, he’ll say women talk too much, or interprets it as insecurities or lack of confidence from her, and questioning her abilities to lead.


  • Women tend to use direct eye contact in conversations as a way to connect.
  • While men see that as a threatening look in a challenge to their power or position.


  • Women will approach face to face from the front
  • While men approach from the side at an angle. Men see the face to face approach as way too personal, or aggressive.  Women see the talking side to side approach of a man as though he has something to hide from her.


  1. Talk time. 

Despite stereotypes that women talk; more than men,  to the contrary some studies have reported that men actually talk more than women in business meetings.

This will eventually lead to a miscommunication that can result in team breakdown, because of people not listening to each.

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How Do Gender Communication Differences And Strategies Lead To Workplace Disparity?


While most women are a powerful full-time workforce, a bias still exists amongst some men in the management. This bias against women involves the following ideas: ” Women can’t be leaders because they are not “hierarchical and strategic.”




5 Ways To Bridge Gender Differences and Strategies To Value Diversified Styles


Gender equality and gender effectiveness are the cornerstones in any workplace. A successful management should adapt the following gender communication strategies.

1- Stereotypes are not always correct.

Not everyone fits generalizations. Many behaviors from men as well as women are not based on gender differences. But are a result of acculturation and learning experiences.


2- Stay alert.

Both men and women need to avoid miscommunication and try hard to understand their differences in order to work better together.


3- Acknowledge

The positive effects the different styles of leadership can have on the wellbeing and sustainability of any organization.


4- Men

Be careful of how much time and space you take in meetings or other group interaction. Leave a room for female contributions as well.


5- Women

When dealing with decision making, try not to process your info out loud. If you just couldn’t help it, let the men know that this is how you process information for decision making and let him know that you are not asking for his approval.



Keep Learning and get the right information about Gender Communication Differences And Strategies. This will make it easier to create open discussions to find more similarities and to use differences in order to achieve greater goals together as one solid organization.

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