First Date Advice For Guys – Best 9 Tips


First Date Advice For Guys – Best 9 Tips

For the first date, it is not just the women who need dating tips, but men also do seek tips.  As both of you are human beings, you want all the guidelines you can get hold of.  Read on to get the top tips on dating women and putting your best foot forward.


9 Pieces Of The First Date Advice For Guys

Plan Ahead Before Asking Her for a Date

When you are interested in a girl, the wheels of your mind gets ahead as to where you want to date her.  Take note of that so by the time she actually say yes you can offer a few options to know what she likes to do.  But do make the final decision on how the date goes as women like their men to take in charge during first dates.


Get Prepared Before the Day of the Date

Make sure that you are ready for the date.  Take a shower before your date no matter if you already took one in the morning.  Be clean, shave and use a mouthwash.  Most women like men who know how to clean themselves.  Do not put on too much fragrance as this may come across as a turn off and fragrance allergies are quite common.  Clean your car too if you have one before the date.  It is usually the first one that your date sees so get it freshened up for the big day.


Give A Certain Amount of Attention to Details

Have your hands cleaned.  Cut your nails and remove dirt under them; if you can, have them manicured.  Find some decent clothes to wear on the date.  You don’t have to wear a suit and a tie, but a pair of slacks and a dress shirt that matches your eyes will be your best option.  Shoes are also important and if you will use a belt, both should match.

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Confirm Your Date Early on the Day

On the morning of the day, call your date to confirm the date later on the day.  Even a text message will do but for the romantics, you can send a little bunch of flowers to remind the date later on.  This gesture lets the girl know that you are looking forward to the date and even the fast dating styles nowadays, women like a little romance.


Compliment Her on Her Hair and Dress

When you pick up your date, be punctual and go to her door.  Don’t be rude by waiting in your car and calling her to come out with your honking.  Compliment her on her hair and her dress; chances as she also made an effort to get prepared on this date.


Share Basic Information Throughout the Date

As this is the first date, stick to basic information.  You do not want to scare of your date with the horrid details of your life.  Her family, hometown and job are your basic topics.


Keep Your Eyes on Your Date

When you or your date is talking, keep your eyes on the conversation.  Do not wander off checking another girl.  Women have a way of knowing that you are not into the conversation with your eyes not concentrating on them.


Be A Gentleman

Not all first dates go as well as planned.  Chemistry may not be there as you expect and the woman you are dating may be boring, but be a gentleman.  Be nice and do your best to stay focused on the date.  Just smile and stay as a gentleman as you possibly can.  If you are lucky and the conversation goes well, you will enjoy each other’s company and can laugh easily then remain a gentleman, do not laugh too much or she can see what you are eating.

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First Dates Do Not Last Too Long

First dates are your gauge if you are interested to each other.  Do not make it too long, only about three hours of eating and talking, a short walk or drive for dessert.  That’s it.  If you liked the date hold her hand and tell her by looking at her eyes that you enjoyed the date.  Her response is your cue if you should give her a kiss goodnight or a peck on the cheek.

Even if you hit if off pretty well on your first date, long sessions of making out or spending the night together is a bad idea, taking it slow is always the way to go and has been for a long time already, so heed this advice.

So for the men out there, these dating tips will surely help you in your date, lessening your worries and giving as much fun as any date as can be.

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