Top 5 Dating And Relationship Advice


Top 5 Dating And Relationship Advice

In the world today that is usually in the fast lane, love dating tips are seemed outdated.  But in times of life’s tests, it is with the people that love you that you find comfort.  These people are the ones who accept for who you are and allow you to be the best you can be.

So you wonder what this has to do with dating tips.  You see, when you take time to know the person through dates before finally settling down, you know what you are in for.  You recognize the other’s personality, dreams, and values by which you are also geared toward that’s why you understand and love each other.

But all this starts with that unforgettable first date.  To be sure that you have fun in the dating scene, it does not hurt to familiarize yourself with the top love dating tips there is.


Top 5 Dating And Relationship Advice

Dress up and Be Prepared

As this is the first date, make some time to get ready.  Wear a color that matches your eye color.  For the woman, put in a dress that brings out your asset but in a subtle manner.  Don’t wear too much plunging necklines or too short skirts.  Not too much make-up and perfume are great reminders to not overdo.  For the men, dress up a bit.  Put on a dress shirt and nice slacks, match your shoes and belt.  Don’t forget to shower, shave, clean nails and use mouthwash.


Just be Yourself as Much as You Can

In going out on dates especially the first dates, don’t forget to relax.  As this is the first date, both of you are nervous and the best way to break the ice is to be yourself.  Use your sense of humor to get the conversation going and to ease each other’s nerves.  Being yourself on the first date will make you enjoy the night and your date will follow suit.

Keep it Real All the Time

From the conversation and body language of the whole date, don’t try to read each other too much.  This will make you veer away from listening to the other trying to figure it all out.  For the men, you can ask the girl if she honestly likes you and for the women, answer the question matter of factly so you both know where you stand and if a second date is put into the schedule.

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Be Nice To Each Other

You may have eyed each other out at a party or a gathering of some sort before going out on a date.  But on the first date, you both realized that there is just no chemistry between you.  If this happens, remain nice to each other.  You may end up as good friends in the long run.  You can even agree to split the bill to keep things equal.


Make it Wholesome

The first date is your gauge if you have something in common, so make everything wholesome.  Go to a public place when you eat and if you want to have some stroll or drive after the dinner.  A peck on the cheek or a smack will do to end the night.  Most first dates last for at least three hours to get each other home early.

It is great to be refreshed once in a while when living in such a hectic life.  With the love dating tips, you are sure that the next person you will meet will not just be a probable partner but also a friend.

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