Advice From Old Married Couples


Advice From Old Married Couples

We wanted to find the secret to a long and happy marriage, so we asked the experts. So we Asked For Love Advice From Old Married Couples For More Than 50 Years.


John and Dina, together for 58 years

John initially met Dina when he went by her and her sister. “He came into my room with a companion,” she says, snickering. At the time Dina was working for a doctor’s facility and shared a room at her sister’s, who was friends with John. On their first date, they went to a carnival, where they took their first picture together

Dina showed us a little white bear, too small that it fits into her hand, that John brought again from Amsterdam. It was his first gift to her that still makes her smile each time she sees it.

At the point when asked the key to a long and fruitful marriage, they say common regard, give and take, and figuring out how to share the things you have. ”

Be that as it may, the true secret to their marriage was…cheesecake!!, John says. When he worked in a pastry shop he discovered it was Dina’s most loved sweet, and he would bring it back for her as a regular treat.

“No doubt,” Dina giggles, “I generally adored cheesecake however when I was out with my companions we just had enough cash to purchase espresso and when we had cheesecake it was a significant cost. When I got with him, I could have all the cheesecake I needed.”

Dina says it is essential to joke and giggle with your partner.

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Eric and Odry, together for 68 years

Eric and Odry met at Cricklewood railway station. Odry says: “At Cricklewood, amid the war, they had moved upstairs – I was a dancer and roller skating. He was positioned in the Polish armed force (however was a British native) and he was with his companion positioned in Bournewood, and I was in Bournewood as well, so we were on the stage. Whenever we saw each other at a move. Eric wasn’t moving yet every time he was just standing right there looking to Odry. That was the point at which they began to get together.

Odry reveals to me her marriage guidance: “Don’t separate after your first fight. You do have differences, yet love can conquer any, so give it a try. That is senseless, on the grounds that you could be demolishing a decent relationship. Individuals separate too effortlessly nowadays.”

Despite the fact that Eric’s alzheimer has taken away the vast majority of his memory, “He says each night ‘I cherish you’, and that is decent after numerous years,” Odry says.



Torris and Bethany, together for 69 years

Torris and Bethany met for the first time in 1947 at a Christmas party. Torris and Bethany’s niece were friends. that niece was older than Bethany.

Their first date was a dance date. “It was a jive around then,” Torris says. I was simply home for the end of the week and I saw her home and afterward, I got back to camp.

“I used to return home on the ends of the week to see Bethany and go to the Astoria on a Sunday night and after that catch the midnight train to the camp.”

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Torris and Bethany got hitched two years after they met when Bethany was 19 and Torris was 21.

Torris’ guidance for youthful couples is to stick together and not separate since you have a contention. “Individuals say ‘never argue’ which is impossible for any two couple not to have differences, you get over it.

“Your significant other is simply part of your life.”


Elina and Michael together for 58 years

Elina and Michael have been together since 1958. When they were more youthful, they were both excited about horse races. They met at a race meeting one weekend.

Their first date wasn’t the sort you would consider traditional “: “Goodness yes” Ellina says. “[Michael and I] were returning the horsebox, and the man who was driving had taken maybe a couple too much, so I stated, ‘Stop, I’ll get out, I’ll get out, I will walk,’ and he stated, ‘Well, you walk at that point.’

“Around 10 miles later, Michael said to the driver, ‘We better go back and get her.’ That was the date. It simply happened.”

From that point on they would saw each other at horse races. They were both keen on rugby as well and met on games days.

They invested a ton of energy voyaging. “Goodness, we went everywhere together,” Ellina says. “The only place we haven’t been is South Africa. We’ve been wherever else. We’ve been to Australia to see the Reverend container and the rugby. We have a little girl in America and we used to go see her.”

Ellina emphatically trusts that the way to a long and fruitful marriage is to be understanding with each other and drive forward. Michael adds, “It relies upon whether they get on together or not – that is the primary concern.”

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